Are you curious what Team Exit is all about?

Have you heard about the best escape room in Warsaw?
Do you love solving puzzles and riddles under time pressure?
Do you like challenging yourself ?
Are you looking for ideas for team or corporate integration?

In fact, the reason does not matter...

Just gather your team and get ready for an hour full of excitement and adrenaline!

Team Exit is a type of entertainment known as Room Escape. Faced with a series of puzzles, you have to use your intelligence and creativity to achieve your goal, which is to get out of a locked room in 60 minutes.
Only Team Exit guarantees even more fun and satisfaction thanks to additional challenges, which you will discover before entering the room. Each room has a separate scenario that will allow you to immerse yourself in the mysterious story, which you will not easily forget!
All rooms have been designed to satisfy even the most demanding minds and to appeal to the highest sense of aesthetic, making Team Exit the only world-class quality room escape in Warsaw!
Solve all the riddles and puzzles, spot something that others were not able to see and share all the information with your team members in order to get out of the room. Remember that in addition to logical thinking and ingenuity, vigilance is also necessary. You never know what will be useful during the escape.
Birthday, stag or hen party, an unforgettable date, Friday evening or Tuesday noon? Do not look for a special occasion, book your experience now! Take the challenge and show your cleverness!

Win a race against time, come first in the ranking and win a prize for the best team!

Come and see if you have what it takes to get out ...